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Kline's Feign Towards Madia

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I really do not have time to due this post justice, but I still wanted to get this thought out there. It appears that John Kline is feigning towards Madia. But that begs the question; Why? Madia is not running against John Kline. Steve Sarvi is running against him. So, why the misdirect?

Is John's campaign in need of some free attention? Madia is making tremendous headway in his campaign for CD 3. Maybe John is trying to ride on his coat tails? Let's face it, despite the failure of McCain and Palin's negative campaigning, historically, it works.

Maybe that's the problem. Because of McCain's and Palin's negative attacks backfiring, Kline is trying to prevent a backlash by attacking someone the voters in his district really don't care about. That just seems craven, bordering on cowardly. Very unbecoming of an ex-marine.

So, I guess, why is John Kline afraid of Steve Sarvi?

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