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How Thick Can You Be?

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It's 'Time To Move On'

Norm Coleman - what a maroon.

Damn, There Goes The Circus

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(KSTP TV) Former Senator Norm Coleman told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS Chief Political Reporter Tom Hauser late Sunday he will not be running for governor in 2010.

He will make the official announcement on his Facebook page. He released the following statement to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS ahead of the announcement.

"I love Minnesota and I love public service, but this is not the right time for me and my family to conduct a campaign for Governor.
Well, I guess we will not have Norm to kick around anymore. Of course, there is still a federal pen with an open cell waiting for him.
Oh great. Now comes the next stage; arguing over the wording of today's release of the ruling on Franken/Coleman.

Particular sentence to be argued over:

For all of the foregoing reasons, we affirm the decision of the trial court that Al Franken received the highest number of votes legally cast and is entitled under Minn. 32 Stat. ยง 204C.40 (2008) to receive the certificate of election as United States Senator from the State of Minnesota.
Oh yeah. We are going to hear all sorts of rationalization and intellectualizing over the meaning of entitled.

Update: I guess Norm didn't want to get into a debate over definitions.

All Quiet About Recount

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It's 5 PM and I've heard not a peep about Norm's court challenge to the recount.

Well, now I have. Next week, then.

So It Was Grandstanding

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It's official. Our governor was grandstanding when he vetoed the budget and started making noise about unilateral cuts to Medical Assistance and other programs for the poor, all so he could get the Republican base's attention.

The fucknut.

Update: Hehehehe. DWT has a great pic of TPaw and Coleman.

Picture 3.png

Time For A Recall?

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When I was reading the many posts and articles about the court decision stating Al Franken won the senate election last year, one thought went through my mind; Governor Pawlenty will not certify the election as the law stipulates.

Now, imagine my surprise when I came across this t-shirt at DownWithTyranny!

300391480v4_240x240_Front_Color-Navy.jpgMind know, it's not definite that Coleman will file an appeal with the Minnesota State Supreme Court. He hasn't as of this posting. However, should the court refuse to hear the appeal, it's time for the Governor to certify the election. Should he refuse, than he no longer has the best interest of Minnesota citizens in mind; he is thinking only of his position in the Republican party and a run for president.

If that is the case, then hell yes! it's time for a recall.

Your Man Got ED?

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Hey ladies. Your man got ED? Well, Tild has just the thing for him.

Give It Up Norm

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Star Tribune

ST. PAUL, Minn. - The judges in the Minnesota Senate trial have denied a request from Norm Coleman that they reconsider a ruling unfavorable to his case.

Last week, the judges eliminated from consideration about a dozen categories of rejected absentee ballots. That limited the number of votes Coleman, a Republican, might be able to get counted as he tries to overtake Democrat Al Franken's 225-vote lead.

You're getting more and more pathetic. Desperation just doesn't look good on you, my fellow ex-stoner.

You are an ex-stoner, right? With the stupidity you've put on display, one wonders, you know.

Why He Didn't Win

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When an incumbent can not securely win a reelection, it's probably because he's a complete moron.

Norm Coleman Is An Idiot

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First, you put people on the stand who readily admit to having committed voter fraud, then you fake a web site crash. Can you be any more pathetic?

Norm "I Want A Do Over?"

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I've had this post from in a tab for a couple of hours now. I just don't know what to think about it. My first response was; "Are you kidding?" With Coleman's numbers in the polls sinking due to his legal wrangling, this seems the worse possible strategy. Then, with his past lip service to deficit reduction and limiting government spending, to now push for a new election is in direct contradiction to those claims. Hypocricy is not selling these days.

When I look over the whole history of the recount, it seems as if Norm is making decisions that hurt him more than help him. It's as if he's hell bent on ensuring his loss is verified and certified. But than, desperation will often result in grasping for straws. In all fairness, Al Franken's team did also show a propensity of making frivolous challenges. However, it would seem they were more willing to withdraw more challenges at the end.

In an interesting turn of events, Mark Ambinder at The Atlantic suggests Coleman could still win it, then in a surprising twist of rhetoric, suggests the Democrats (Al Franken) might request a new election. Of course, this is with the unspoken assumption Norm and his legal team are experienced practitioners of the subtle art of judicial manipulation and subterfuge. If that were the case, the recount would now be in Norm's favor. But it's not.

Once again, the facts are Norm is behind by 225 votes. Any experience at judicial manipulation and subterfuge would not have allowed this fact to be in existence. So, despite Mr. Ambinder's fear (or hope?) of a Norm win, I think we are simply seeing the grasping of straws by a desperate man who's only true desire is to remain in power. 

Just Answer The Damn Question!

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Oh for crying out loud, is it too much to ask? Seriously, droning on with the same non-answer makes your boss look crooked!

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