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Did He Lose Something?

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Don't look now, but I think someone is mad at losing his white, male privilege!


He Finally Did It!

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Romney came out with his tax plan!

About The VP Debate......

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Yeah. See, I didn't watch it. What for? I know who I am going to vote for and no amount of grandstanding imagery is going to make me change my mind. Vice President Biden could have made a mockery of himself last night (which is probably what the Republicans are claiming this morning) and I'd still vote for him and Obama.

Instead, I went about Left Blogstonia and read the reactions of my fellow progressives. My first stop for analysis was over at Mother Jones. Kevin Drum is by far the worst person to go to for analysis. Or, if you approach it as I do, the best. Why? Because the man couldn't analyze his way out of a wet paper bag. He invariably gets it wrong. So, I read his take, turn it around 180 degrees, and I have what really happened. Oh, and both Steve Benen and Ed Kilgore are of the same cloth. At least in their initial reactions to events.

See, all three of them are great facts and figures bloggers. Especially Kevin. The man has a nose for facts and figures. But when it comes to event analysis, forget about it. They let their personal biases get in the way. They have the pearl-clutching reaction of OH. MY. GOD! They are hurting the other guys feelings. Which is ironic, considering that the other side proclaim victory when they think they've hurt our feelings. Arrogant bastards.

Now, when it comes to analysis, I like TPM and Charles Pierce. They have a clearer perception of events. At least, they have a better track record at pointing out the affect of events. TPM is at least civil about their analysis. Not so Charles. He comes from the guttural wing of the progressive movement. He is not afraid of hurting the other side's feelings. Actually, he seems to take great delight in causing any amount of red-face outrage. He might even go so far as declare victory. Arrogant bastard. If he was blogging from a personal blog instead of with a national magazine, I suspect the language would be even fouler than it already is at Esquire.

Of course, one of my favorite go-to bloggers for event analysis is BlueGal over at They gave us a republic..... Unfortunately, she has been silent for a while. Hopefully she will be healthy soon and resume her ranting and raving. It is missed.

Ultimately, from reading the progressive blogs, it looks like the perception of Left Blogstonia is that Biden won the debate last night, with Ryan looking all the more like a proby out of his league.

Oh, and Romney is a liar.

Taking Down The Bird

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I rarely steal any content from Bark Bark Woof Woof. However, the political cartoon posted by Mustang Bobby was just too good to pass up:


My Morning Chuckle, Part ?X?

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Seriously, I should be doing my morning routine: write in my journal, read my morning meditation books, read my horoscopes, and have my usual one on one discussion with God, telling him how he is screwing things up here on Earth. He never listens, of course. What do you expect? He is God, after all.

Anyway, instead of doing my usual morning routine, I made all my chess moves over on GameKnot, then started reading my feeds. On the top of my feed list is Balloon Juice, which is always good for a good rage or a good laugh. This morning it was a good laugh.


Now, do I really need to say that I stole it from Alternate Brain, seeing as they stole it from someone else?

Too Damn Funny!

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Must feel good to get some revenge after Mitt goes around bad mouthing the former President.

mitt mad.jpg

For future generations who should stumble upon this long after the collapse of the Republican Party: It was Jimmy Carter's grandson who help bring The Hidden Video to light

It Was Not A Gaffe!

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Really. Mitt did not commit a gaffe. He spoke the truth. Behind closed doors, granted. But none-the-less, it was truth as he believes it. A gaffe is not an extended, intentional speaking of the truth. The video is not a gaffe. It is Mitt showing himself as he truly thinks.

Show me, anyone, anywhere, at anytime recent or in the past, anything that is even remotely similar to what Mitt did in that video.

This is something unique. No - blond in the lap, forgot to mention Poland, that depends on what your definition of is is - gaffe. There is no precedence. NONE.

Pundits can go on all they want about gaffes not making a difference. This is going to make a difference because it is not a gaffe.

The Secret Video

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After the release of The Secret Video, I have noticed a few blogs and news sites stating this is when Mitt lost the election. Obviously, we really do not know if that is true. Come the first Tuesday in November we will finally know who won and who lost.

At that point, should Mitt be the loser, fingers will point to the release of The Secret Video as the moment Mitt lost the election.

I beg to differ, of course. At no point has he even come close to showing he is capable of winning the election. The Secret Video just showed conclusively that he is not capable of winning.

And what the hell! Here is The Secret Video:

The man is a complete maroon.


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It really does match the truth about the Republican ticket of 2012:

Romney-Ryan logo.jpg

Oh, and hat tip to Alternate Brain.

Because It Made Me Laugh!

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And I think Booman is right:

Does anyone remember how quickly Dubya lost the good will he won through his 2004 reelection? It was really a one-two-three punch of Terri Schiavo, trying to privatize Social Security, and then the inept reaction to Hurricane Katrina, all with a deepening disaster in Iraq as a backdrop. But we shouldn't underestimate how badly he hurt himself through the privatization effort alone. That was when the Democrats finally drew a line in the sand and decided to fight back. What people have probably forgotten is that Paul Ryan introduced a Social Security privatization bill so radical that the Bush administration couldn't support it. How's this for radical?

Paul Ryan?!?!?!?!?! Really?

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Let us put aside for a minute the fact that Paul Ryan comes from the state that brought us Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Joseph McCarthy.

The real problem is this will pretty much negate the Overton Window. This theory relies on the assumption that people are stupid.

See, I do not find people stupid. I find them politically lazy. It allows for the following statement to be correct.

Politics is the control of wealth and power. You are being conditioned to condemn politics as petty and boring, thus granting all the more control to the powers that be. You are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution. The choice is yours.

Stupid people do not need to be conditioned; they are already where you want them ideologically. That would be the 27% of the population on both ends of the political/ideological spectrum who never change their beliefs regardless of how much they are exposed to the truth. But the rest? Just politically lazy. And maybe not really lazy so much as willing to trust the politician to run the country while they themselves go about running their lives.

Unfortunately, there comes a time when the truth can not be ignored. Paul Ryan can not be ignored. How can he be? With a plan that pretty much returns the starving to our streets, or worse, into prison, the ability to turn a blind eye will take monumental effort. Political laziness only works when it takes less energy than being politically involved. With Paul Ryan, we are talking a hell of a lot of energy to ignore just how much his budget plan exposes him as a heartless bastard.

But Paul Ryan being a bastard really is not the issue. The issue will be what happens to our parents, and our grandparents, with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the White House.

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Politics is the control of wealth and power. You are being conditioned to condemn politics as petty and boring, thus granting all the more control to the powers that be. You are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution. The choice is yours.


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