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I Was Wondering The Same Thing

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What the hell is wrong with her? Seriously. "Blood Libel?" Can a person be any more stupid?


Look, I am not going to get into the blame game. There really is no way to prove whether violent, military rhetoric drove Jared Lee Loughner to commit the Arizona killings. So, I am not interested in pursuing that line of thought.

However, consider that for years during the Clinton administration Rush, Newt, and other Conservative leaders were very fond of saying words matter; words have consequences.

Now, of course, they are rejecting that very premise.

Go figure.

Anyway, if you will allow me a slight tangent; one tenant of recovery is to act as if you want recovery. That means putting aside the behaviors and language associated with using. It is, in effect, replacing one culture with another. It is believed that if you use a new language and follow new rules that do not have any association with drug and alcohol use you will be less likely to have urges to use.

Well, I see Democracy as a replacement for armed conflict in establishing leadership. So, if you are a believer in Democracy, that means using language reflecting that belief. Talking about armed revolution, watering the tree of liberty, etc, hardly projects a belief in Democracy.

Oh, and to go on an even sharper tangent: once again the United States has come to call an assassin by all three names........

Morning Chuckle

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My sentiments exactly.

Hat Tip: P6

Now We Know

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The real cause of the end of the world in 2012.

It's A Gawker Slow Down

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You know what I am talking about. Traffic on the opposite freeway lanes across from the accident slow down, gawking. Well, that is what we have with Sarah Palin. She's an accident and the media just can not help themselves and have to slow down to gawk.

Honest To FSM, she is damn near road kill. It is just that the buzzing flies and the vultures are attracting our attention.

Please, just stop it. Seriously. Stop it.

She's A Cultural Icon Now

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Or: She's going viral now!

When you are mocked by William Shatner, you've achieved pop culture stature. And somehow, that Shatner is a Canadian only adds salt to the wound.

She'll never be President after this.

Update: Well, crap. NBC got all pissy. Video is history.

Update II: NBC made it available. Cool. I take back the pissy claim. And yes, I moved it up.

Enough About Them

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There are two subjects I've had enough of. One is the birthers. Seriously, they are a fringe, brain dead group, who's only real threat is they generate a lot of noise at public appearances, and are not afraid to make themselves look completely insane. Maybe because they are. You know. Completely insane.

Second, I am tired of reading about Sarah Palin. Yes, I know, I've got a post of Shatner mocking the citizen of Insanity Exposure. It's humor, it does not have her actually speaking (thank God! I was tired of slapping my forehead), and Shatner's reinvention* of himself as a comedic actor is short of phenomenal. So, I'm allowed.

* Okay, maybe he's not reinvented himself, just discovered his true gift?

Leap Frog

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John Ensign, Mark Sanford, and Sarah Palin are engaged in a game of media leap frog. Obviously it's just been John's turn. But I've lost track and wonder who's next in line? 

Is It Really That General

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FiveThirtyEight has a poll up about McCain/Palin and the move away from polarizing politics. Now, let me start right out and admit I'm about as knowledgeable about polls as Palin is about coherent speaking, which is to say; not at all.

None the less, is the country really moving away from the old, vilifying politics of old?

Okay, I admit it. I'm not really trying to argue with
I know, I know. Most of you already think of  the Republicans as dumb. But seriously, this statement by Palin;

(ABC) As to whether another pursuit for national office, as when she joined Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in the race for the White House less than a year ago, would result in the same political blood sport, Palin said there was a difference between the White House and what she had experienced in Alaska. If she were in the White House, she said, the "department of law" would protect her from baseless ethical allegations. [highlight by editorial, i.e., me!]
is nothing more than Nixon's statement "When the president does it, it's not illegal" dumbed down. Palin's statement boils down to the same unitary executive belief as voiced by Nixon and further advocated by Bush/Cheney. Honestly, the point is not that she's stupid, though she sure works hard at projecting stupidity, it's that she is following the same unitary executive ideology.

The ideal question to ask her would be her belief about the separation of powers inherent in the constitution. Her whole "Department of Law" gives evidence that she either doesn't believe in the separation of powers, or is just plain stupid.

Well, yes. Of course it could be both.

Old Metaphor

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Carl, over at Unpopular Ideas reminds us that the introduction of Sarah Palin as the GOP VP selection was a "Hail Mary" pass. In keeping with this metaphor; a reminder that most Hail Mary passes are incomplete. Her resignation from the Governorship of Alaska - that she is leaving with an incomplete term - completes the metaphor.

She's Risigning!

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Wow, she's not just not running for re-election, she's resigning!

What the hell.

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