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Already Dead?!?!?!

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I really should be in the shower getting ready for work, but this is just toooooo funny!


Hat tip: Bark Bark Woof Woof. Scroll to the end.

Courage To Face Problems?

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My ass!

In what was a hallmark of his style as governor, TPaw shows the same lack of empathy and understanding by going through with his announcement that he is running for President on the same day tornadoes rip through North Minneapolis and Fridley, MN.

In another slickly produced video that has become a hallmark of his campaign, Mr. Pawlenty, the former Republican governor of Minnesota, confirmed Sunday night that he would officially begin his bid for his party's nomination in Iowa on Monday.

"That's where I am going to begin a campaign that tells the American people the truth," Mr. Pawlenty says in the two-minute video, mincing no words about his intentions. "I'm Tim Pawlenty, and I'm running for president of the United States."

Timothy Pawlenty was a disaster for our state. He will be a disaster for our country should he become the President. And seriously, he's stealing a line from a movie? Worse yet, using a line from a character who was in every way, shape, and form, a caricature of a vile, amoral, opportunistic, conservative Republican?

What a pathetic, sorry start to a presidential bid. His only saving grace; Newt set the bar really low.

Well, you have got to admit, releasing a video prior to making the official announcement sure is a sign of competence. As is doing so on the day when tornadoes killed one and injured scores more in his home state. And let us not forget this is the man who unconstitutionally cut funding to the poor, the sick, and the old with political grandstanding while refusing to negotiate in good faith with the Minnesota Legislature, creating a situation where he could claim an economic emergency and use un-allotment.

Right now in Minnesota, at this moment, he could not win the office of dog catcher. With the Republican controlled legislature claiming an economic mandate while introducing social control laws, the chance of any Republican winning an office in Minnesota in 2012 is slim to none.

Because he certainly does not know the definition of 'appealing.'

(Washington Post) Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has little of the star power of Sarah Palin. He has not been around the presidential track in the way of Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee. He does not have the political network of Haley Barbour. He is not a provocateur of ideas like Newt Gingrich.

None of that seems to bother him as he weighs whether to seek the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. He thinks he has something others don't have, which is the capacity to help put a more appealing face on a party that still suffers from image problems with many voters.
Can we please get one thing straight? T-Paw has been cravenly playing to the Republican conservative base and in no way offers anything appealing. All it will do is hurt his chances with the independent votes. And in the end he is a Republican with a record that shows he does not care for the average American, just the average Corporation.

Just A Reminder

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Of how big a jack ass Pawlenty really is.

(Star-Tribune) Facing a big loss of state health-care funds, Hennepin County Medical Center plans to stop seeing uninsured, non-emergency patients from outside the county, cut 150 to 200 jobs and close two small clinics on its campus.
And this is just one of many hospitals and clinics that will have to cut jobs. At a time when unemployment is having the most impact on the economy, to cut funding, causing more job loses is equivalent to old fashion mid-evil medical blood letting.

Jack Ass Of The Day

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Okay, asshole, those are our kids you are using as the butt of your joke.

We have an education system in this country that has been corrupted by narrow-minded, intellectually challenged conservative Christians, of which he is one. Now TPaw has the audacity to make jokes about the very kids he and his ilk have harmed? Seriously, how do you expect to win the Presidency when you make fun of the children of the very people you are looking to have vote for you?

Not only an asshole, but an idiot.

Sign Of The Times

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Due to Gov TPaw's bodacious, and possibly illegal, unallotment move, not to mention his unyielding stance to "No New Taxes," my employment has now become even more tenuous. Today's emergency staff meeting shall clear all the smoke and cries of fire. Or verify them. So, later today I will have news as to the fate of my income.

Bastard Republicans. May you all burn in the hell you believe in.

So It Was Grandstanding

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It's official. Our governor was grandstanding when he vetoed the budget and started making noise about unilateral cuts to Medical Assistance and other programs for the poor, all so he could get the Republican base's attention.

The fucknut.

Update: Hehehehe. DWT has a great pic of TPaw and Coleman.

Picture 3.png

Goodbye MN GOP

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I think this grandstanding by Pawlenty has sealed the fate of the MN GOP. At a time when the GOP nationally is losing ground, to stand tight with a failed ideology, after having already lost ground in the state congress, is only going to hasten the decline of the MN GOP.

At this point, if he should run, I doubt TPaw could win another term.

Update: Dave Mindeman is right, of course, in pointing out that Pawlenty now owns the MN Budget and all its fallout. 

TPaw Uses BushSpeak

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The GirlFriend™ cut in line and made use of the bathroom before I got a chance to hop into the shower. As a result, I've a few minutes to fill. What better way to pass the time then to complain about my Governor. Well, not really my governor, since I didn't vote for him. However, I have to accept he is the governor because he managed to squeak out an electoral win. Anyway, Mr. Pawlenty is current engaged in old GOP behavior that, quite frankly, lost them power on the national level in both 2006 and 2008, as well as at the local level in both chambers of the state congress in both years.

See, the whole purpose of being an educated, intelligent adult is to pay attention to when you fail, so that you may learn from your mistakes. But the not so fine governor of Minnesota seems intent on closing his eyes, holding his breath, and throwing a tantrum until he gets his way. In the process, he will take health care away from Minnesotans, continue to starve our government, and generally behave exactly like the former POTUS. As a result, our state will be weaker, as the former POTUS left our country weaker.

Seriously; merge the Health Care Access fund with the General fund? Hello! Any one reminded of the move to privatize social security? This seems along the same order. It's just another attempt by a Republican to steal money from those less fortunate.

On a side note; has anyone looked into whether our not so fine governor dodged a bullet with his connections to the telecommunication industry because of the politicizing of the Justice Department? I am just wondering.

Time For A Recall?

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When I was reading the many posts and articles about the court decision stating Al Franken won the senate election last year, one thought went through my mind; Governor Pawlenty will not certify the election as the law stipulates.

Now, imagine my surprise when I came across this t-shirt at DownWithTyranny!

300391480v4_240x240_Front_Color-Navy.jpgMind know, it's not definite that Coleman will file an appeal with the Minnesota State Supreme Court. He hasn't as of this posting. However, should the court refuse to hear the appeal, it's time for the Governor to certify the election. Should he refuse, than he no longer has the best interest of Minnesota citizens in mind; he is thinking only of his position in the Republican party and a run for president.

If that is the case, then hell yes! it's time for a recall.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty's budget proposal would cut the equivalent of more than 1,100 full-time state employees by mid-2011, an Associated Press analysis has found.

The projections are detailed in hundreds of pages of agency budget overviews posted by Minnesota Management and Budget. They can't be translated directly into job cuts because the figures include overtime, on-call pay and part-time, seasonal and temporary work.

Even so, the figures show a trend toward lighter payrolls at Minnesota's largest single employer -- state government -- as unemployment swells. The budget shows the biggest staffing reductions in the state courts, Human Services Department and Revenue Department.

Talk about one heartless bastard.

Make no mistake about it; T-Paw is maneuvering to run for President on the Republican ticket.

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