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Who The Hell Wrote This?

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I Beg To Disagree

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There is quite a bit of discussion on the Obama's Justice Department's appeal of Judge Virginia Phillips's ruling on DADT (did I avoid the massive double negatives that usually occurs with this issue?). I completely understand why the move was done. I would write it again, but let me instead copy and past from one of my comments over at "The Same Rowdy Crowd."

Wish I could agree with you. But one of the responsibilities of the Administration, and the Justice Department, is to uphold the rule of law. We saw what happened to our country when George Bush was in office; much of the damage done was by his failing to uphold laws. Whether or not you agree with a law is immaterial, as President of the United States he does not get to pick and choose which laws to uphold, he is required to uphold them all. His statement that he wants it repealed is not only legitimate, but it is the correct way to go about righting the travesty that is DADT.
The second greatest failure of the Bush Administration was it's failure to uphold the laws of the land. As a result, we have seen our nation's food supply poisoned, witnessed what appears to be one of the greatest systemic frauds (mortgage paperwork? We don't need no stink'n paperwork!) in the history of our country, and have watched as we marched to war, all because of a failure to follow the rule of law.

Bitch all you want about the move to appeal Judge Virginia Phillips's ruling - President Obama is doing his job. Had President George W. Bush also upheld the rule of law, we would never have invaded Iraq.

Jack Ass Of The Day

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So, Michael Steele has come out and blatantly called Obama's economic policy a failure. Never mind that it is the Republican party's purposeful obstruction that has prevented a more meaningful and powerful financial stimulus package from being crafted. Never mind, as the preceding graph shows, it was 6 years of George W. Bush's economic policies that created the mess we are in, and that under Barack Obama we are slowly, very slowly, crawling out from that mess.


Congratulations Mr. Steele, you have earned the coveted "Jackass of the Day Award."

Thank you to Steven Benen of The Washington Monthly for the wonderful graph.

Liberals Not Enthused

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(McClatchy) LAS VEGAS _ The netroots, the liberal Democrats who've been instrumental in making the Internet an important political tool, are disappointed in President Barack Obama.

While the left is hardly abandoning a man they helped elect, the 2,000 Democratic bloggers, activists and organizers who wrapped up four days of Netroots Nation meetings at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino Sunday are sending him a message: It could be harder to generate the kind of passion in this November's congressional elections that was so crucial to his 2008 victory.

No kidding. It is a mid-term election. I am not all that enthused about there being any amount of turnout this year. The economy is neither free-falling, nor improving, leaving an empty feeling in the gut of many people. There will be little actual anger from the left at this point. Not yet. If things remain the same two years from now, then I expect a return to anger. And anger, these days, benefit the Democrats, not the Republicans. The days of blaming Democrats are over. After decades of conservative rule, the ability to pin the blame on Democrats is just not there.

However, that does not mean there will not be a flare up of anger. It is just that it is currently from the Teabaggers - not exactly the dominate voting block in the nation at the moment. And as Kevin Drum pointed out, when the Teabaggers start making headway within the Republican party, independents run away. That is not the way to win an election.

Note The Difference

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Steve Benen over at The Washington Monthly points out an important difference between the previous administration and the current administration:

Ideally, an administration avoids making dumb mistakes, but it matters how an administration corrects those missteps once they happen. In this case, there's something to be said for the president's team doing the right thing -- acknowledging the mistake quickly, sincerely apologizing, and swiftly trying to put things right.

We had an administration for eight years that never admitted an error, and always found someone else to blame, no matter what. This administration is taking a more mature, responsible approach, and it's a sign of progress.

Now, all things being equal, which administration will manage to get more accomplished? Oh, wait, let me re-phrase that question: Which administration has managed to get more accomplished.

State Of The Union Speech

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Here he is:

Bark Bark Woof Woof

I can make a couple of predictions, though: before the speech the pundits will agree that this is The Most Important Speech President Obama Will Ever Deliver and that his presidency, his legacy, and his whole reason for being Hangs In the Balance. After it's over, the Republicans will shake their head sadly and wonder why the president isn't being bipartisan enough, which, according to House Minority Leader John Boehner, means that he's not caving in to the demands of the Republicans. And I am sure that someone will point out that only Time Will Tell how well the speech went... at least until Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck, Charles Krauthammer and the rest of the Villagers can get back to tweeting.
Posted without comment. Well, other then the fact that I stole the entire second graph from MB's post. Because, you see, I am a lazy blogger. Always have been. Damn proud to say so, too.

So there.

Sew buttons on your underwear.


Alright. Alright. I'll stop now.

Man, Do I Know How He Feels

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Because it made me laugh.

Great ending, too.

Hat Tip P6

A Word, Mr. President.

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Okay, you managed along most of your bills through congress. However, what you did not do is lead. The President Of The United States needs to lead, not manage. You have safely guided your various agenda bills through the house and senate. At no time did you show courage by taking a risk.

Now, as your closest advisers tell you to move towards the center; as they tell you to become even more dedicated to bi-partisanship; as they whisper to you to be cautious: tell them all to go to helI.

It is time for you to do a 180. They did not like health care reform as negotiated? Then throw the whole damn thing out and demand pure universal health care. Not universal health insurance, or single payer, but national health care.

Stop playing their God damned game, sir. Go out, take charge, set the tone. You have been led. Hell, you allowed yourself to be led. Now, cowboy up. Throw caution to the wind. Push for what you deem to be impossible, take the ridicule and derision and lead this country, Damn It.

I've But A Moment

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I have to rush out the door soon to deposit The Fuskers™ off at school and then run to get a cashier's check for the rent. However, I felt moved to comment on the Afghanistan "surge." Yes, I am using terror marks. The surge is just a fancy way of saying escalation. That we discuss it as short-term does not change the fact it is an escalation. Again, having not seen the speech, or read it, the response from most quarters of Progressive Blogstonia suggests that President Obama is not happy with his choice, and that all things considered, knows Afghanistan is the dead albatross around his neck.
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Things I Didn't Know

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Like, did you know President Obama wanted a taco?

State Rights

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You mean the Obama Administration is upholding the constitution?

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