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I Am Not An Atheist

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Nor do I play one on this blog. However, I am not a literalist* either.


Understand; I believe whole-heartedly in God. I just am not a literal believer in "Teh Bible." Too many people are able to take the literal words of religious texts and justify all sorts of barbaric, inhuman, and hateful behavior against their fellow beings for me to willingly and blindly believe that a man can trade away his wife and children for goats. It just ain't going to happen.

* New word! New word! I claim the privilage of being coiner of this new word. As such I demand a 1% cut of the earnings (pre-profit) from all blogs, books, news sites, and other sundry publications, broadcasts (web-based or airwaves), and mental thinking that uses my new word.

Seriously. Use my word and not pay up I will sic my internet gremlins after you. Do not make the mistaking of thinking this is an idle threat. Well, it is; but do not make the mistake of thinking it is.

This Sounds Fishy

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Why make this type of claim? I get the impression he was lead to believe some deal would be struck. If I had to guess, I would say Mr. Preacher Man has found himself over his head and is desperate for a way out of the spotlight. In any case, he really is a jackass.

Good On Ya! President Obama

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It is about time he stepped up and defended the Constitution! Religious freedom means just that. And if the construction permits are all admissible under New York law, then the freedom hating right can just shut the hell up.

Seriously, they do not care about the Constitution, they just care about getting their way, regardless of that pesky concept "the rule of law." But, that has been the way of the freedom hating right since its first taste of power under Reagan; they blather on about being freedom loving, but when it comes time to stand up for those very freedoms, they cower in fear and weakness.

Sadly, the current actions of the freedom hating right are not about any principled stance - they are about being frightened of other ideas, other beliefs. They must suspect their beliefs and ideas are flawed and unable to stand up to scrutiny in the light of day. Otherwise, why tear at their hair and clutch their pearls, screaming inanely about the threats to their way of life. Such weakness. If their way of life was so wonderful, so capable of dealing with the misery and hardships of existence, then they would have no concern about Islam, for it is hardly more powerful then existence.

Their faith is weak, that is why they need to attack other faiths. And it is not that Christianity or Islam, or any other religion is the right way, or wrong way. No. It is simply a matter of how strong your faith is in your beliefs and values, and your ability to live by those beliefs. If they work, then good. If they do not, blaming other belief systems does not change the failure of your own beliefs. Indeed, blaming does nothing more than clearly show failure.

Only The Onion

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After the last post, I could not help but laugh at this:

The openly gay teen, who came out to his parents at age 14 and has had a steady boyfriend for the past seven months, said he first began to suspect he might be different last year, when he started feeling an odd stirring within himself every time he passed a church. The more conservative the church, Faber claimed, the stronger his desire was to enter it.

"It's like I don't even know who I am anymore," the frightened teenager said. "Keeping this secret obsession with radical right-wing dogma hidden away from my parents, teachers, and schoolmates is tearing me apart."

I know, I know. I should not laugh at the pain and suffering of others, but no one has slipped on a banana peel in front of me in an age. So, forgive me if I find humor in this poor kid's suffering.

More here.

Don't Believe My Last Post?

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Then listen to the son, and co-founder, of the man who helped build the modern conservative christian movement.

This is what we failed to do after Bush stole the election in 2000.
From working in a residential setting, I learned quickly that those who were thieves in the past tended to be the ones that complained about there being thieves in the residence. On several occasions, they turned out to actually be the thieves. Hence, my total lack of surprise at the shrill response of the Right Wing Noise Machine.

I also think it's especially ironic that the loudest of shrill networks would actually produce a level-headed piece pointing out the over-reaction of the Right Wing Noise Machine.

I swear, Shepard Smith is trying to get himself fired from Fox.


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If you want proof that the extreme social conservatives are complete idiots, go read this post over at All Spin Zone.

OK, this one shouldn't be surprising. We know, for instance, that the whack jobs on the social conservative extremist end of the GOP spectrum are a bit on the dim side and don't play all that well on the internet. Well, it was last Wednesday that the National Organization for Marriage launched their 2M4M campaign, not understanding that "M4M" is a standard abbreviation in personals for "man looking for man." In other words, their cute slogan reads like a solicitation for group gay sex. Hey, even Rachel Maddow has made fun of it. Today we find that the National Organization for Marriage was so stupid as to not buy up the domain names for their new initiative.
Wait for the punch line....... is now a place of inclusion that stands for civil rights.
Teh stup, it burnzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Editor's note; typing errors from the original site corrected.

Some Pols Just Don't Get It

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Any moron with half a stem.... err, brain cell knows that if you increase funding to any area, you increase the potential for job expansion.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A top congressional Republican on Sunday criticized President Barack Obama's expected decision to reverse the Bush administration's limits on embryonic stem-cell research, calling it a distraction from the country's economic slump.
Cantor may wish to spin this move by President Obama as a distraction, but in essence, it's simply his fear at losing ground on stem cell research. Face it, you ideological neanderthal, your side lost the overall election in 2008. Get over it. And stop your whining, it shows your intellectual immaturity.

Oh, and don't get me started on the whole "that shouldn't be done" statement. Wait, here it is in it's entirety:

"Frankly, federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research can bring on embryo harvesting, perhaps even human cloning that occurs," Cantor said. "We don't want that. That shouldn't be done. That's wrong."
I'm not sure how increasing stem-cell research leads to embryo harvesting. I understand he's afraid that might happen. But it's based on his belief, not any real proof. At least, none that he's offered. However, it's a more honest statement then his earlier bullshit about being distracted.

In the end, I see this as nothing more than an ignorant man showing his cowardice. Nothing gets me more riled than when an ignorant coward attempts to control society simply to feel less threatened. All I can say is he must have a weak God to be so afraid.

There's More To This Story

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My radar went off big time when I read the headline of this story:

Police: Doctor injured when bomb erupts in Lexus

(CNN) -- The chairman of the Arkansas Medical Board was critically injured Wednesday when a bomb placed on the front end of his Lexus hybrid SUV exploded at his West Memphis, Arkansas, home -- a blast heard a mile away, police said.
Something tells me this is going to involve some divisive subjects. The word terrorist has already been thrown into the mix.

Dr. Trent Pierce, a family practitioner, was flown to a hospital across the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee, after the 8 a.m. blast, police Chief Robert Paudert said, adding that Pierce may be transferred to a burn center in Ohio. Officials said he was in critical condition.

"It's a terrorist attack on Dr. Pierce," Paudert said. "We just don't know why someone would do this... We're going to find out.

I doubt it's a brown skinned terrorist. More than likely, it's a home grown christian extremist.

Ain't Irony A Bitch?

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Talk about your rank hypocrisy. Jim Yeager, over at skippy international, catches some proposition 8 supporters attempting to circumvent proposition 9.

"Some gay activists have organized Web sites to actively encourage people to go after supporters of Proposition 8," said Frank Schubert, the campaign manager for Protect Marriage, the leading group behind the proposition. "And giving these people a map to your home or office leaves supporters of Proposition 8 feeling especially vulnerable. Really, it is chilling."

So chilling, apparently, that supporters have filed suit in Federal District Court in Sacramento seeking a preliminary injunction of a state election law that requires donors of $100 or more to disclose their names, addresses, occupations and other personal information. In particular, the suit seeks to stop the final filing for the 2008 election, which is due Jan. 31. That filing includes donations made in the closing days of the campaign, when the proposition surged to victory.


The election law in question, the Political Reform Act of 1974, was approved by California voters as Proposition 9, and gay rights advocates say there is rich irony in supporters of Proposition 8 opposing the earlier ballot measure.

"They believe in the will of the people if it's in tune with what they believe," said Jennifer C. Pizer, marriage project director with Lambda Legal, the gay rights legal organization, in Los Angeles.

Opponents of Proposition 8 are also suspicious of the intent of trying to prevent donors from being identified. "Do they want to hide something?" said Shannon P. Minter, legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights in San Francisco.
If you can't stand up for your convictions.... well, I guess there must not be much to them.

Or could it be they are scared of teh gay.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- At least 900 Christian families have fled Mosul in the past week, terrified by a series of killings and threats by Muslim extremists ordering them to convert to Islam or face possible death, officials said Saturday.
Hate to say it, but under Saddam, the Christians were safe. Again, just another fine example of the failure of George W. Bush.

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