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Some Pols Just Don't Get It

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Any moron with half a stem.... err, brain cell knows that if you increase funding to any area, you increase the potential for job expansion.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A top congressional Republican on Sunday criticized President Barack Obama's expected decision to reverse the Bush administration's limits on embryonic stem-cell research, calling it a distraction from the country's economic slump.
Cantor may wish to spin this move by President Obama as a distraction, but in essence, it's simply his fear at losing ground on stem cell research. Face it, you ideological neanderthal, your side lost the overall election in 2008. Get over it. And stop your whining, it shows your intellectual immaturity.

Oh, and don't get me started on the whole "that shouldn't be done" statement. Wait, here it is in it's entirety:

"Frankly, federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research can bring on embryo harvesting, perhaps even human cloning that occurs," Cantor said. "We don't want that. That shouldn't be done. That's wrong."
I'm not sure how increasing stem-cell research leads to embryo harvesting. I understand he's afraid that might happen. But it's based on his belief, not any real proof. At least, none that he's offered. However, it's a more honest statement then his earlier bullshit about being distracted.

In the end, I see this as nothing more than an ignorant man showing his cowardice. Nothing gets me more riled than when an ignorant coward attempts to control society simply to feel less threatened. All I can say is he must have a weak God to be so afraid.

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