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New Sound Bite

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It use to be "I was for it before I was against it." Now it is "I was for it, but now that Obama is for it, I am against it."

You just can not win against these losers. Not when they are playing Calvinball.

The Dog Deserved It!

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I have to admit, Stephen Colbert has a great New Wisconsin accent.

Thanks to C&L for the heads up.

Sigh. Governor Stupid

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker obviously did not realize that George W Bush acted dumb. But George was at least smart enough to allow himself to be handled by politically savvy operatives who could steer him away from stupidity. Well, until Katrina. But that was the operatives showing they knew how to win an election, but did not know how to run a country.

Unfortunately Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker really is stupid, does not have the insight to recognize his own stupidity, and obviously failed in hiring people to handle his penchant for stupidity.

The stupid, it burns! So much so that I am roasting S'mores. If I had Jiffy Pop, I would make popcorn.

Piece Of Cake, Anyone?

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It is next you know. "Let them eat cake." It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. I mean it. One of these days a Republican is truly going to utter a phrase that is no different then "Let them eat brioche."

These bastards are heartless.

Creationism Vs Evolution

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Creationists do not hate evolution because it disproves the existence of God, they hate evolution because it disproves the literal truth of their bible.

And the worse part? They obviously do not read their own bible, because it clearly states icon worship is a sin. Elevating the bible to the stature of God is just such an act of icon worship.

And do they even realize how close to cretins creationism is?
What the hell is wrong with her? Seriously. "Blood Libel?" Can a person be any more stupid?


Look, I am not going to get into the blame game. There really is no way to prove whether violent, military rhetoric drove Jared Lee Loughner to commit the Arizona killings. So, I am not interested in pursuing that line of thought.

However, consider that for years during the Clinton administration Rush, Newt, and other Conservative leaders were very fond of saying words matter; words have consequences.

Now, of course, they are rejecting that very premise.

Go figure.

Anyway, if you will allow me a slight tangent; one tenant of recovery is to act as if you want recovery. That means putting aside the behaviors and language associated with using. It is, in effect, replacing one culture with another. It is believed that if you use a new language and follow new rules that do not have any association with drug and alcohol use you will be less likely to have urges to use.

Well, I see Democracy as a replacement for armed conflict in establishing leadership. So, if you are a believer in Democracy, that means using language reflecting that belief. Talking about armed revolution, watering the tree of liberty, etc, hardly projects a belief in Democracy.

Oh, and to go on an even sharper tangent: once again the United States has come to call an assassin by all three names........

Still Taking Off Shoes?

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It just blows my mind that in the 21st Century, in the United States, it is necessary to remove one's shoes to enter an airplane. I mean, how pathetic is that?

Look, I am poor. I do not travel by plane. But if I did, I would make damn sure I wore the sweatiest, stinkiest, nastiest socks possible. In fact, along with National Don't Go Through The Scanners day, I suggest a National Wear Dirty, Nasty, Stinky Socks to the airport day. Oh, and make sure the shoes you take off are the ones you used to clean the barn with just hours earlier. Preferably the hog barn. They stink the worst. I know what I speak of. Personal experience from my younger days.

Now, if you don't clean a barn, there's always stepping in doggy doo. If you don't have a dog, I am sure your neighbors do. No doubt they'd let you walk through their yard before you depart to the airport. Just make sure you step on every doo you come across. And don't scrape it off.

If you have a cat, well, then you have a litter box. Like I need to explain that further?

Seriously, let's get some civil disobedience going. Walk your doggy doo to the airport! It will be fun.

This Sounds Fishy

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Why make this type of claim? I get the impression he was lead to believe some deal would be struck. If I had to guess, I would say Mr. Preacher Man has found himself over his head and is desperate for a way out of the spotlight. In any case, he really is a jackass.

Alan Simpson Should Be Fired

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But not for being a sexist.

Alan Simpson's comment is not in the least bit sexist. But it is derogatory, insulting the majority of American's that have worked hard to support a family.

My father, who is probably one of the hardest working persons I have ever had the privilege know, worked a full-time job at an oil refinery (now Flint Hills Resources, but then simply known as Koch Refinery) while also working an 80 acre farm, mostly by himself. If you have ever known anyone that worked an oil refinery, they often are working 12 to 16 hour days during turn-a-rounds, which could last for weeks. He did this for 4 or 5 years back in the 1970s. All the money he earned was taxed, some of which was paid into Social Security. Meanwhile, my mother, who was taking care of me and my three siblings while dad was either in the fields or at the refinery, was also working part-time as a waitress. Some of her earnings likewise was paid into Social Security. At the end of the 70s, and through the 80s, my parents then ran a restaurant, which in and of itself is almost four full-time jobs. They once again paid into Social Security.

Today, they are enjoying the twilight of their years on the measly benefits that they more than earned. Over the last 30 years, working as a waitress nearly broke my mother's back. My father has had several heart attacks because of the physical demands his work put on his body. And what does Alan Simpson do? He implies they are ne'er-do-wells living off the government's teats.

While many on the right seem content to call Social Security recipients lazy, unproductive members of society, I have the belief that most of them are hard working fathers and mothers who struggled to put food on the table for their family and, having reached the twilight of their years, are simply reaping the benefit of having worked hard and paid Social Security taxes.

You see, not only did I witness my parents work hard, I also witnessed the parents of my friends, the neighbors in my town, and my co-workers struggle to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, all the while paying Social Security taxes. So, it is unconscionable for Alan Simpson to claim that over 300 million American's are lazy, unproductive members of society. For that he deserves to be fired.

I Had No Idea

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Did you know that Michele Bachmann makes stuff up? Type me surprised.

It is really quite sobering what has happened. From 100% of our economy was private prior to September of 2008, but as of Tuesday, the federal government has now taken ownership or control of 51% of the private economy.
Honest to FSM, she is either really fucking stupid, or she is really just that craven. I am not sure which scares me the most.

Hi. My Name Is Rudy

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And I am the dumbest politician in the whole wide world.

If he is going to talk like Forest Gump, he could at least make an effort to improve his impersonation. Because, really, he makes Forest look like an intellectual.

And yes, I am aware Forest Gump is a fictional character. I happen to believe it is appropriate to compare the two, because for all intensive purposes, Rudy Giuliani is a fictional leader.

One Bad Step After Another

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First, the Republicans shot themselves in the foot with their pro-rape vote. Then, thinking they were being clever, instead opened the door to forcing a strong, well-written public option for the health care reform bill.

Honestly, do these guys have a complete lack of intelligence? I mean, they gave Senator Franken a wide open door, and of course he stepped through.

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